An update from Bishop Waggoner on the blessing of same-sex marriages in the Diocese of Spokane

November 15th, 2012 | Posted by EDS Communications in Bishop's Messages | News

From Bishop Waggoner:

Dear Friends in Christ,

With Referendum 74 passing in Washington, some are asking whether the blessing of a same-sex marriage will be allowed in Washington churches in the Diocese of Spokane.

In response, the answer is “yes.” A draft policy for this Diocese on the blessing of same-sex relationships has been developed and will be discussed with clergy at Regional Clergy Days in Advent.

The policy states that, whether a same-sex couple chooses to participate in the Covenant Blessing liturgy to marry, engage in a civil partnership or simply continue in a committed relationship, authorization to sign the documents appropriate to the intention, including a marriage license, will be given as part of the Bishop’s permission to proceed.

In Washington State a couple may seek to have their relationship blessed, whether they choose to marry, engage in a civil partnership or simply continue in a committed relationship.

Implementation of the policy regarding the Witnessing and Blessing of a Lifelong Covenant will invite further conversation as an essential part of the process.  I look forward to the conversation and will welcome your interest and participation.

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