There are several ways to serve in leadership capacity in the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane. Interested in serving on these leadership bodies? Contact the Rev. Karen Schomburg @ 509-624-3191 or karens@spokanediocese.org

Diocesan Council
Diocesan Council works in concert with the Bishop, staff, and other identified leaders to guide the program and budget life of the diocesan community.  The Council is charged to articulate the diocesan vision, to craft goals and pathway for living into the vision, and to develop an annual budget to fund and support the vision.

Standing Committee
In addition to serving as the Canonical Authority in the absence of a bishop, the Standing Committee also serves the Diocese by overseeing the canonical processes related to the formation of new parishes, the ordination of individuals, and the consent to the election of bishops in other dioceses.

Commission on Ministry
The Commission on Ministry assists the Bishop in the discernment, development and formation of ministry vocations.  This includes not only ordained vocations but the ministry of all the baptized.  We believe that it is important for all the people of God to engage in serious discernment and ministry formation.  It is true, however, that much of the Commission on Ministry’s work deals with the discernment and guiding of persons seeking vocations in the Order of Deacons or the Order of Priests.

Regional Delegate to Diocesan Convention
Every spring, each of the four Regions of the Diocese will elect a delegation of three Regional Delegates to represent their Region at the Annual Diocesan Convention. The Regional Delegates will prepare and serve in the same way as Congregational Delegates with seat, voice, and vote on the Convention floor.