Episcopal Diocese of Spokane Foundation

“In a diocese rich with opportunities and challenged with unmet needs, we must now make a quantum leap to ensure that financial resources are available to fulfill the Mission Imperatives adopted unanimously by diocesan Convention. We cannot simply maintain what we have, of that I am certain. We will either flourish or languish. We know well what Christ is calling us to do. The time to move forward boldly in mission is upon us.  -Bishop James E. Waggoner, Jr.

Foundation Mission Statement:

“The mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane Foundation to raise funds by educating individuals and congregations and stewarding donors to benefit the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane. This entails assisting missions and parishes in establishing and expanding their stewardship, fund raising and planned giving programs.

Foundation Vision Statement

“Stewardship, in all its forms, helps change lives. The Foundation’s vision is to educate all members of the Diocese in the theology and practices of Stewardship.”

Mission Imperatives for the diocese:

  • Intentionally invite and include others in our church communities
  • Make Christian formation a priority for all ages.
  • Boldly embrace new ventures in ministry.
  • Strengthen and support Hispanic ministry across the Diocese.
  • Focus our outreach to serve the world more effectively in Christ’s name.
  • Strive to attract and involve younger members.
  • Strengthen and unify our diocesan community

The Foundation was created:

  • Consolidate the various ministries that provide stewardship, fund raising and investment management throughout the Diocese.
  • Provide continuity of expertise on various ways to give, including short and long term gifts (endowment), investment management and stewardship education.
  • To insulate funds from legal actions aimed at the diocese, a parish or mission
  • Act as an incubator to fund new programs at the parish or diocesan level

The work of the Foundation will provide much greater financial stability, interconnectivity, resources and opportunities for spiritual and financial growth throughout the Diocese. It will uncover new energy to carry out the mission and ministries by supporting current and new programs, helping with improvements to Camp Cross, providing camper scholarships.

As Endowments within the Foundations are created and grow, they will provide long-term support for the congregations that created them; fund the work of the Bishop and unexpected needs of the Diocese; provide Camp Cross with a stable, dependable source of revenue, and strengthen the ability of congregations to meet the Mission Imperatives.

These current Endowments held by the Foundation are administered by a Board of Trustees:

The Endowment for the Episcopate will primarily support the compensation and work of the Bishop. This helps ensure the long-term financial stability of the diocese and reduce congregational ‘askings’. It will also be used by the Bishop to provide resources precisely where they are needed.

The Endowment for Church Growth and Development will provide funds to meet the priority needs of congregations as they address the mission imperatives. It will support new programs and opportunities so the Diocese can grow and flourish.

Camp Cross Endowment, will provide an ongoing dependable source of funds for the camp to be used for scholarships, facility and equipment upgrades and programs.

The Episcopal Diocese of Spokane Foundation was granted nonprofit status by the IRS in 2003. It is registered in the states of Washington and Idaho and recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3). The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees and managed by an Executive Director.


If you have any questions regarding the Foundation, please contact:

Carol Neupert, Interim Executive Director
The Episcopal Diocese of Spokane Foundation
245 E. 13th Avenue
Spokane, WA 99202
(509) 624-3191