Diocesan leadership

Diocesan Council

Diocesan Council works in concert with the Bishop, staff, and other identified leaders to guide the program and budget life of the diocesan community.  The Council is charged to articulate the diocesan vision, to craft goals and pathway for living into the vision, and to develop an annual budget to fund and support the vision. Diocesan Council is divided into four Committees of Council:

  • • Administration & Finance (A&F): seeks to build a strong foundation of resources that grow and strengthen the mission and ministry of faith communities in the Diocese;
  • • Formation: seeks to ensure that every faith community in the Diocese can offer quality formation for every age group regardless of size or financial resources;
  • • Mission Strategy Committee (MSC): seeks to build vital, dynamic, and sustainable communities of faith who would be missed if no longer around, who are self-reflective and responsive to the needs of the community in which they exist, and who are organized and functioning for the long-haul;
  • • Social Justice & Outreach Ministries (SJOM): seeks to develop in every member of every congregation the awareness, the understanding, and the skills necessary to address the cares and concerns of their communities through works of outreach and justice.

The Executive Committee of Diocesan Council works in concert with the Bishop to exercise leadership both during and between formal meetings of Council.  The Executive Committee is:

The Rt. Rev. James E. Waggoner, Jr. — Bishop
President of the Executive Committee

The Rev. Dave Walker
Vice President of the Executive Committee

The Rev. Margaret Fisher
Formation, Chair

Mrs. Peggy Johnson
Administration & Finance, Chair

George Durrie
Treasurer of the Diocese

Mr. Andrew Tudor
Mission Strategy Committee, Chair

The Rev. David Hacker
Social Justice & Outreach Ministries, Chair

Standing Committee

In addition to serving as the Canonical Authority in the absence of a bishop, the Standing Committee also serves the Diocese by overseeing the canonical processes related to the formation of new parishes, the ordination of individuals, and the consent to the election of bishops in other dioceses. The President of the Standing Committee is among the council of advice to the Bishop. The Rev. Birch T. Rambo President of the Standing Committee fr.rambo@stpaulsww.org

Regional Development Team (RDT)

The RDT consists of the Presiding Members and Regional Developers from the four regions of our Diocese. This team works collaboratively to develop leadership, to share & gather information, and to guide the work of congregational development in the Diocese. The Presiding Members play a unique part in assisting the Bishop with care and concern for the clergy of the Diocese. The Regional Developers function as the front-line for congregational development, seeking to build vital, dynamic, sustainable communities of faith. Together, the RDT is responsible for the annual Spring and Fall regional gatherings. For information on Regional Gathering dates please check out the Diocesan Calendar

Northwest Region
The Rev. Marylin Wilder, Presiding Member
Trinity, Oroville

The Rev. Lee Kiefer, Regional Developer
St. Luke’s, Wenatchee

Southwest Region
The Rev. Anne Barton, Presiding Member
St. Timothy’s, Yakima

The Rev. Jan Griffin, Regional Developer
All Saints’, Richland

Northeast Region
The Rev. Bill Osborne, Presiding Member
St. Stephen’s, Spokane

The Rev. Susan Cleveley, Regional Developer
St. James’, Pullman

Southeast Region
The Rev. Gretchen Rehberg, Presiding Member
Nativity Church, Lewiston

The Rev. Susan Cleveley, Regional Developer
St. James’, Pullman