Diocesan & Anglican prayer cycles

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer, part 1: Advent 2013 to 8th Sunday after the Epiphany 2014


February 16, 2014, Epiphany 6, The Regional Development Team

Give thanks for the renewed spirit of hospitality and service in our congregations; pray for our continuing work with congregations to nurture vital, dynamic, sustainable communities of faith. 

February 23, 2014 Epiphany 7, Episcopal Church of the Resurrection, Spokane

Pray with them for God’s energy and vision in this time of renewal. 

March 2, 2014, Epiphany 8, St. David’s, Spokane,

Give thanks for their courage and perseverance through the difficult work of on-going redevelopment, and pray with them for a spirit of mutual affection, creative risk-taking, and public generosity.


Diocesan Cycle of Prayer, part 2: Lent 1 to Last after Pentecost 2014


March 9, 2014, Lent 1, Episcopal Relief & Development

Pray that Episcopal Relief & Development may have the vision of Jesus, whose compassion failed not, that following His example we may bring healing to this hurting world.


March 16, 2014, Lent 2, St. Mary’s, Bonner’s Ferry


March 23 2014, Lent 3, House of Bishops’ Meeting, Camp Allen, Texas

Give thanks for the work and witness of the Bishops of the Episcopal Church. Pray for them as they meet, that they may worship, learn, and work together.


March 30, 2014, Lent 4, St. Andrew’s, Chelan


April 6, 2014, Lent 5, St. Paul’s, Cheney


April 13, 2014, Palm Sunday, St. James, Cashmere


April 20, 2014, Easter Day, St. Mark’s, Moscow

Pray with them for vision, commitment, and the will to serve as part of Christ’s body.


April 27 2014, Easter 2, St. John’s, Colville


May 4, 2014, Easter 3, Clergy Conference

Give thanks for the variety of gifts shown in the lives of the clergy of this diocese. Pray that the Clergy Conference will be a time of inspiration and learning within community.


May 11 2014, Easter 4, United Thank Offering

Give thanks for the many ways that grants from the United Thank Offering significantly impact the lives of women and children, because of Christ’s love. Pray that more will be encouraged in daily prayers, offerings, and awareness of the abundance of God’s blessings.


May 18, 2014, Easter 5, Grace Church, Dayton


May 25, 2014, Easter 6, Camp Cross

Give thanks for all who work to ensure that all who come to Camp Cross are fed spiritually, mentally, and physically. Pray for Camp Cross and its power to transform the lives of all who are touched by its ministry.


June 1, 2014, Easter 7, Grace Church, Ellensburg


June 8, 2014, Pentecost, Holy Spirit, Dover/Sandpoint


June 15, 2014, Trinity Sunday, Holy Trinity, Sunnyside

Give thanks with us for our outreach and hospitality to the Sunnyside Community and beyond.


June 22, 2014, Pentecost 2, St. John the Baptist, Ephrata


June 29, 2014, Pentecost 3, St. Dunstan’s, Grand Coulee


July 6, 2014, Pentecost 4, Chapel of the Friend of God, Mazama


July 13, 2014, Pentecost 5, St. Martin’s, Moses Lake


July 20, 2014, Pentecost 6, St. Peter’s, Pomeroy


July 27, 2014, Pentecost 7, St. James’, Pullman


August 3, 2014, Pentecost 8, Retired Bishops and Clergy

Give thanks for the ways their lives witness to God’s love and enrich the faith and mission of our Diocese. Pray for them and their families in their continuing witness.


August 10, 2014, Pentecost 9, St. Mark’s, Ritzville


August 17 2014, Pentecost 10, Church of the Resurrection, Roslyn/Cle Elum


August 24, 2014, Pentecost 11, St. Andrew’s, Spokane


August 31 2014, Pentecost 12, Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, Spokane


September 7, 2014, Pentecost 13, St. Stephen’s, Spokane


September 14, 2014, Pentecost 14, Children’s Christian Education and Formation

Give thanks for our children and the energy and fresh outlook they bring to any endeavor. Pray that we all continue to be both teachers and learners throughout our lives in Christ


September 21, 2014, Pentecost 15, College Work and Young Adult Ministries

Give thanks for God’s blessing young adults with unique opportunities to serve Christ throughout the world and the grace to discern their role in God’s world. Pray for those who minister with them, and pray that God will be at the center of their lives.


September 28, 2014, Pentecost 16, St. Luke’s, Wenatchee


October 5, 2014, Pentecost 17, Non Parochial & Specially Licensed Clergy

Give thanks for their rich variety of gifts and their service to Almighty God in this diocese. Pray for them and their families in their continuing ministries.


October 12, 2014, Pentecost, Diocesan Convention, Walla Walla

Give thanks for the opportunity to meet together as we prepare for our 50th Annual Convention. Pray that we will be ready to listen to each other, make wise decisions, and learn together.


October 19, 2014, Pentecost, Diocesan Convention, Walla Walla

Give thanks for the hospitality extended to the Diocesan Convention Delegates. Pray that all who have been a part of the convention will have a renewed sense of the Spirit of God working in and through them.


October 26, 2014, Pentecost 20, Bishop J and Gloria Waggoner

Give thanks for their leadership, stewardship, hospitality and service. Pray for their continuing strength, energy and creativity in the life of ministry with us.


November 2, 2014, Pentecost 21, Holy Trinity, Wallace


November 9, 2014, Pentecost 22, St. Paul’s, Walla Walla


November 16, 2014, Pentecost 23, Holy Trinity, Wallace


November 23, 2014, Last after Pentecost, Diocesan Staff, Leaders & Volunteers

Give thanks for those who by their faithful work enable the witness and mission of the Diocese of Spokane.