Commission on Ministry

The Commission on Ministry assists the Bishop in the discernment, development and formation of ministry vocations.  This includes not only ordained vocations but the ministry of all the baptized.  We believe that it is important for all the people of God to engage in serious discernment and ministry formation.  It is true, however, that much of the Commission on Ministry’s work deals with the discernment and guiding of persons seeking vocations in the Order of Deacons or the Order of Priests.

The commission has designed a process for the discernment of a call to ordained ministry, and the guidelines for applying for each step of the ordination process. The process involves not only the commission and the candidate, but the local congregation of the candidate.

The documents on this website are to be considered the most current, supersede all previous COM materials, and should be utilized for any and all people in the discernment process. Individuals and congregations should familiarize themselves with the material on this website. In particular, please note that all application materials are to be found under the application forms link, there are also descriptions of what is required in nomination and supporting letters. Please pay attention to these descriptions.

You will find in these materials a description of the process from initial sense of call through ordination. Also included is a description in general of what is discernment, and qualities that we seek in ordained leadership. These are meant to be helpful to the congregation, clergy and aspirant, and are not a full and complete packet of everything necessary for ordination.

  • Every individual is unique; please do not request special consideration or a different process. We have had in the past aspirants and clergy requesting that we give special consideration to an individual due to their “unique circumstance.” The COM has prayerfully tried to have a process which is both fair and thorough. We look upon requests for special consideration with great disfavor.

For more information about ordination in general or about the process for discernment and ordination in the Diocese of Spokane, contact: The Rev. Gretchen Rehberg

Church of the Nativity, Lewiston

Procedure for the psychological interview

It is important that all who are in the ordination process who need to schedule the psychological interview understand that this is a time consuming process.  The steps required are listed below.  Be aware that you should start the process a minimum of 2-3 months before you plan on an interview with the COM!

  1.  Contact the diocesan office for names and contact information of approved psychologists.  Only diocesan approved psychologists will be accepted.
  2. Obtain the required mental health documents and fill them out (usually supplied by psychologist). The Life History Questionnaire is very lengthy and takes time to fill out. It also asks some difficult questions of the candidates. Candidates are often not prepared for the length or the challenging questions they are asked and underestimate the time and effort involved.
  3. They must also obtain a standardized psychological assessment instrument (the PAI) from psychologist.
  4. They then need to mail the completed packet (Life History & Behavioral Screening Questionnaires & PAI) to the psychologist.
  5. After the PAI is scored, the materials are reviewed.  The scoring and review process requires a minimum of a week to complete.
  6. Psychologist then contacts the candidate to schedule a 90 minute in-person interview. Those schedules are often booked at least 2 weeks in advance.
  7. Following the interview, it typically needs a week to complete a summary report to the bishop.